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Spanishland School Podcast: Learn Spanish Tips That Improve Your Fluency in 10 Minutes or Less

May 31, 2024

📚Today we will teach you 10 common Spanish expressions that you can't miss in your conversations. If you want to sound more natural in Spanish you have to use the expressions that native speakers use in everyday conversations. I hope you start using them!

📄Download the PDF with the 12 Expressions...

May 1, 2024

✍🏻Hoy te traemos un examen de español para ver qué tan bien manejas la gramática. Es para estudiantes de nivel intermedio y avanzado.

Descarga el PDF con las 10 preguntas, respuestas y explicaciones aquí:

PART 1 - Spanish TEST (B1 & B2) Mira el video y toma el examen aquí: